Snow Globe Creator


Version: 1.03 - Code: 5 - 11/04/2011

Add a new option to increase/decrease the speed of the snowflakes.

Add local shake effect when touching the screen.

Improved gravity effect (snowflakes are faster and react more to the shaking).

Improved snow rendering in round mode (snow flakes do not have the same size).

Version: 1.02 - Code: 4 - 11/04/2011

Set default snow density to medium instead of low.

Fix bug on Galaxy S2: When using the camera, the picture is not added to the snow globe.
Save camera pictures in the sdcard/dcim directory by default, then try sdcard/pictures if dcim is not writable.

Improve the gravity effect on the snowflakes trajectory for fast CPUs.

Version: 1.01 - Code: 3 - 11/02/2011

Fix crash in Camera.setParameters (probably due to the previewSize of the camera)
java.lang.RuntimeException: setParameters failed
at android.hardware.Camera.native_setParameters(Native Method)
at android.hardware.Camera.setParameters(

Improve robustness: test more null pointers, add more try/catch.

Version: 1.0 - Code: 2 - 11/01/2011

Initial version